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Vermont Technology Leadership Forum Survey

The Vermont Technology Alliance regularly assesses its programming and the value it provides to our members. As such, we welcome your participation in this quick survey to determine interest for a new event.

We are proposing a Vermont Technology Leadership Forum to present and discuss organizational, technology, process, and management challenges faced by technology businesses. The intention is to provide a forum for Vermont technology leaders to share experiences, expertise and insight that could benefit others facing similar needs and challenges. 

This is aimed at technology leaders, not developers, testers, designers. The topics will not get into the technology weeds, but it won’t be so high level that you feel you just sat through a game of buzzword bingo.

Sample Topic ideas:

  • Implementing and Sustaining DevOps
  • Buy vs. Build Decisions
  • How to Facilitate Change (structure, process tech)
  • Compliance and RFPs
  • How to Encourage Commitment in your Teams
  • How to Achieve Organizational Alignment
  • Establish a Culture of Learning
  • How to Succeed as a Technology Team in a Non-Technology Business

The survey includes some questions to help us ascertain interest and format for the event, and should only take a few minutest to complete.



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